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Bed Bug Pest Control Service

Bed Bug Facts


Itching to get away this year? Don’t return home with bed bugs as your souvenir! Travel can put your home at risk for one of the most difficult infestations to treat, so be sure to take these added precautions during and after your trip:
-Keep your suitcase under wraps. Cover it with a plastic bag while on the go
-Pack a flashlight and inspect your hotel room for signs of bed bugs before settling in
-Steam-clean your suitcase upon return to kill any bed bugs you may have brought back
-Wash both clean and dirty clothes in hot water in case bed bugs penetrated your luggage


If there’s one pest that strikes fear in the heart of a business owner, it’s bed bugs! These hardy invaders can overtake every valuable inch of property, disrupt operations, and tarnish a good reputation.
Your business may be at a higher risk of infestation from employees or customers who unknowingly carry bed bugs back from their travels. Here are ways to safeguard your property from an attack:
-Implement regular property inspections to check for signs of infestation
-Thoroughly inspect incoming packages before storing and/or opening them
-Enforce employee policies to help maintain cleanliness and report bedbug sightings

Our bed bug pest control includes two services. We make sure to price all of our work at affordable rates. We don't use any large bulky equipment or more than one technician so we can be more discreet. The technician can arrive in street clothes and in an unmarked vehicle for the treatment upon request to protect the privacy of your home or business. We don't use any harmful chemicals or extreme high heat. No need to leave your home for days or hours at a time. All our treatments are pet and child friendly. 

Bed Bug Pest Control in Coeur d'Alene, ID

Tips & Recommendations

Although bed bugs are small there are over 200,000 cases each year in US. Their bites can be very uncomfortable and costly. A number of adverse health effects may result from bed bug bites, including skin rashes, psychological effects, and allergic symptoms. 

Bed bugs are not only found in dirty areas. They crop up in extremely clean bedrooms, hotel rooms, offices and even college dorms. You or someone you know has probably had a run-in with bed bugs. We know how bad they can be and are determined to help you with this pest problem.

Bed bugs are not just found on bed mattresses. Bed bugs also make homes on sofas, picture frames, door and floor trim, carpets, clothes on the floor, dressers, cracks in your wall, speakers, book shelves, pretty much anywhere in your home, and unfortunately your pillow case can become a cozy home for these nasty bugs as well.