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Fight off fall invaders: Tips for a pest-proof home:

Now that summer’s over, are your days busier than ever? While you’re focused on returning to the daily grind this fall, you may be overlooking pesky invaders seeking refuge in your home!

However, you aren’t destined to play host to rodents and insects. Here are some steps you can take to keep them away:

-Screen and seal the chimney and vents to deny easy entry into your home

-Caulk tiles and fixtures, and repair leaks to minimize water sources

-Give trees and shrubs one last trim before winter to avoid contact with wood-loving insects

-Add/replace weather stripping around window sills and your home’s foundation

-Wipe sinks and countertops clean, and pack food away to keep hungry rodents at bay

-Clear your lawn and garden of rotting vegetation to deter foraging animals

Everything mentioned are to be taken and used as recommendations and suggestions only of what you personally can do to decrease pest issues.