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General Pest Control in Post Falls

Guaranteed Annual Pest Protection Plan: Begins with initial service to include interior and exterior treatment. One month later a back to back treatment is performed to end the egg cycle. Services continue on a quarterly basis after the back to back treatment. Customer Satisfaction is Guaranteed with this plan. If issues are seen in or on the home between scheduled quarterly treatments a service will be sent for FREE to handle the issue! Each service includes a thorough inspection, dewebbing, and treatment of perimeter, all entry points, eves and  crawl space openings from exterior. Our products treat for spiders, ants, wasps, cockroaches, earwigs, elder bugs and other household pests. Carpenter ant protection is included with your spring service. This will prevent any infestations during their spring swarm. 

Tips & Recommendations

General Pest Control in Coeur d'Alene, ID

Summer Tips:

Before you kick back and relax, here are some ways to pest-proof your property: 
-Clean countertops and floors of food or beverage residues to prevent ant colonies
-Install, replace or repair screens to keep mosquitoes, gnats and flies out
-Clear bird baths, gutters, ponds and pools regularly to avoid a bug-breeding problem
-Opt for yellow light bulbs outdoors to deter flying insects from congregating by your home

Fall Tips:

However, you aren’t destined to play host to rodents and insects. Here are some steps you can take to keep them away:
-Screen and seal the chimney and vents to deny easy entry into your home 
-Caulk tiles and fixtures, and repair leaks to minimize water sources
-Give trees and shrubs one last trim before winter to avoid contact with wood-loving insects
-Add/replace weather stripping around window sills and your home’s foundation
-Wipe sinks and countertops clean, and pack food away to keep hungry rodents at bay
-Clear your lawn and garden of rotting vegetation to deter foraging animals

Winter Tips: 

Settling in for the long haul this winter? Pests are, too! But you don’t have to make your home their winter vacation land; keep them out of your space by adding these tasks to your to-do list:
-Examine and replace doors sweeps to block out crawling invaders
-Inspect the attic for damage, clutter and entry points that could attract nesting animals
-Store firewood away from the home and off the ground to evade wood-destroying insects
-Repair worn screens and weakened wood trim that rodents can gnaw through to gain entry
-Fix loose or damaged siding to prevent mice and insects from burrowing through