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Deep Root Fertilization: Deep root fertilization puts fertilizer deep into the soil zone. This allows the roots to increase absorption and eliminate evaporation. This boost in nutrients keeps the tree or shrub robust allowing it to deal with any possible stress easily. This can make your tree or shrub less likely to become a victim of bug infestation, fungus, or die back. This Service is performed once a year to keep your tree/shrub healthy all year round. 

Insect Deep Root Treatment: Helps your tree/shrub fight against aphids and other insects naturally all year long. Performed one time a year in most cases in the spring or fall but can be treated any time of the year.

Ornamental (Roses and maple trees) Insect Spray: Two treatments are performed, an initial treatment and secondary treatment to kill the egg cycle. Treatments can be performed any time of year.

Edibles/Orchard Insect Spray: Recommend three to five treatments. Initial treatment can be completed after blossoms have fallen from the tree and continue up until 5 days before consumption. Can be performed on all orchard trees such as apples, cherries, peaches, plums, pears, kiwis etc.

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