Pest control, lawn fertilization & Weed Control

To get a great looking lawn it takes more than simply watering, fertilizing, killing the weeds and cutting the grass. Partnering with our customers the services we provide help with the root health as well as fertilizing and weed control. Along with this we help our customers to create the correct watering schedule for their lawn and the correct height to cut their grass at for the time of year. Other things that can be done to create a healthier lawn is rake up leaves and other debris that may end up on your lawn.

Here at Oasis Lawn and Pest we are happy to provide as much help and information as possible to help educate our customers and create a happy healthy lawn that you can enjoy.

We have also partnered with other specialized owner operated companies in the area to help with tasks such as achieving proper sprinkler adjustment, back-flow testing, landscaping, hydro seeding, lawn cutting and many more professional services.

The grass we have here in the Great Northwest is what’s called cool weather grasses. They don’t do so well in temperatures over 80 degrees. This makes it important to help our grasses out during times of stress so they continue to stay nice, soft and green for you to enjoy all summer long.

In future posts we will talk about various ways that we as a team can work to keep your lawn looking great and feeling soft so you can enjoy your own little Oasis at home.